On 10th November 2016 Graham attended CITM (China International Travel Market) in Shanghai. Following CITM he travelled south through Fujian Province, visiting Fuzhou, Yongtai and Quanzhou before returning to Shanghai on 17th November. The purpose of this trip was to find interesting activities in this part of SE China and to assess its worth as


There and back again

The Kerala Travel Market (KTM) provides me with a bi-annual opportunity to visit ‘God’s Own Country’ and to explore the hinterland of South India, searching for new places to visit and to stay. This year, accompanied by Fiona, my journey began on 20th September in warm, wet Mumbai and a short stay at The Abode,

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Kerala re-explored – Part 3 – Kollam and Kovalam

Kovalam beach, Kerala

Kollam, midway between Cochin and Trivandrum, has little to attract the visitor, however the journey, which by road is tedious, can be taken on a houseboat from/to Alleppey. The two day glide through the backwaters is pleasant and the life of the riverbank can be seen at serene close quarters. The only hotel worth a

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Kerala re-explored – Part 2 – Cochin, Dewalokam and Vismaya

Kerala hotels, Ccochin hotels

In Cochin we stayed at the newly restored heritage house The Poovath. This is a very good property, conveniently located in Fort Cochin. It has a few minor things to sort out but it should be ready for Christmas 2014. We inspected Brunton Boatyard – good as ever, Malabar House – a few service issies

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Kerala re-explored – Part 1 – Wayanad

Kerala holidays

Fiona and I are

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Kerala holidays

It is widely acknowledged that Kerala is India’s cleanest and healthiest State and has the highest literacy rate in India (97.5%), but it is less well known that in 2011 Kerala had a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.79, a score in the ‘very high’ category and certainly the highest in India. A significant contributor


Tamil Nadu too

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Indian holiday

Kerala is cool and Karnataka inspiring, but consider Tamil Nadu too for your next Indian holiday. Known as the Soul of the South, this enchanting land at the tip of India has so much to offer. The Coramandel Coast beaches, the hill stations high in the Western Ghats, the awesome Meenakshi Temple at Madurai, the

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More Myanmar

Burma holiday

As soon as Aung San Suu Kyi said ‘please come’, I made plans to visit Burma, and in November 2013, accompanied by six intrepid Ellison Roberts’ travellers, I paid my first visit to this intriguing land. Burma, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, in SE Asia, is bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh

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Live in a tree

Kerala holiday, Kerala treehouse

The Western Ghats, that long mountain range that snakes up the west coast of India, provides a rich jungle habitat for wildlife and tourists alike. With peaks above 6,000 feet the Ghats are a cool and green respite from the heat, and the coolest place of all is a Kerala tree house. From a sublime

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Dastkar Ranthambore – a women’s self-help initiative

India holidays, Rajasthan holidays

Dastkar Ranthambore is a non-profit organisation that produces handicrafts created by local villagers, particularly women, from the area around Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India. The mission of Dastkar Ranthambore is to use craft production to improve the economic and social status of villagers by providing new sources of income, paying fair wages, marketing their

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